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This Colt 1911 Government Model was engraved for a first-time client who wanted something that would reflect historical Colt Scroll work. He had studied photos of Custom Shop engraving and wanted 75% coverage with gold borders.  He also wanted to do something special to add interest to the side panels.  After some back-and-forth we decided to do the gold vignettes at the rear of the side panels, behind the Rampant Colt, on the left, and and the lettering on the right.

In regard to the Ivory grip Monogram: this was cut with my Lindsay Palm Control hand piece set at minimum power setting and "engraving" (not scrimshawing) the lines with a 70 degree graver.  It is delicate work, but you can see that it is possible to cut clean fine lines in Ivory.  The blackened areas were worked with the hand piece set to a very light hammer stroke and simply stippling the areas before filling with India Ink.

Colt 1911 Government Model

by Mike Dubber

Colt Government Model 1911 engraved by Mike Dubber in 2015, right side Colt Government Model 1911 engraved by Mike Dubber in 2015, left side