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This 2nd Generation Colt is themed to follow the legend of "Crazy Horse," the Lakota Sioux Tribal Chief who led his warriors into the "Battle of the Little Big Horn." On June 25, 1876, it was Crazy Horse who, after the warriors had hesitated to continue the charge, rode through them screaming "Hokahay", meaning "It's a good day to die". Less than 15 minutes later, 268 members 7th Cav and Lt. Col. George Custer were dead at the crest of the hill. The Indian name for the area was "The Greasy Grass," and it was the last battle won by the Western Tribes. On September 5, 1877, Crazy Horse was killed while resisting guards who were forcing him into a cell at Fort Robinson, where he had led the remainder of his emaciated tribe to surrender. A bayonet stab to the kidneys ended the life of Crazy Horse, who never learned to speak English, never allowed himself to be photographed, was never defeated in battle, and was the most revered of all the Lakota Sioux Chiefs. The actual location of his grave are still unknown.

Work on the Crazy Horse Monument near Rapid City South Dakota and 17 miles south of Mount Rushmore began in 1948, and if finished, will be the world's largest stone sculpture. Work on Thunder Head Mountain continues today, and after 71 years of construction it is still far from being finished.

All engraving and inlay work On Crazy Horse, including that on the the Mother of Pearl Grips, was completed by Mike Dubber..

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Engraved Colt Single Action Army

Entitled “Crazy Horse”


Mike Dubber

Crazy Horse SAA Composite Crazy Horse SAA in Presentation Box Crazy Horse SAA Plack