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Colt Python Exhibition

in .357 Magnum

Engraved in 2016 by

Mike Dubber

"This Exhibition Piece was engraved to celebrate the heritage of the Colt Python.  In its glory days the Python was know as "The Rolls Royce of American Revolvers" and it has always fulfilled its reputation as one of the all-time great American handguns.  The Python was  a hand crafted custom grade revolver, and its current collector's value reflects that reputation.  The fit, finish and butter smooth action of these guns was exceptional. With publication of Gurney Brown's "The Seven Serpents" table side book, the Python (and all the other Colt Snake Guns - Diamondback, Viper, Cobra, Boa, King Cobra,Anaconda - are sure to be more collectible and valuable in future years. It is clearly understood that the Colt Snake Guns will never be produced least any quantity.

The Python demands the best efforts of an engraver.  While it's graceful lines and curves are artistically masterfully designed, they are not easy to interpret for the engraver.  I pushed my limits with this one and did some things I've never done before in my 50 year engraving career. The Rampant Colt and Globe was created in 24K Gold and Pure Silver, and it  was one of the most challenging inlays I ever conceived and executed."

Colt Python Exhibition engraved in 2016 by Mike Dubber Colt Python Exhibition engraved in 2016 by Mike Dubber Colt Python Exhibition engraved in 2016 by Mike Dubber